Cockroach Control and Removal Swindon Update

We are in the process of updating our website and adding new pages. The week we are looking at all things cockroaches! We regularly manage cockroach outbreaks across Swindon and the surrounding areas. Here are some key facts on Swindon Cockroaches: German Cockroach Cockroaches are from the Blattodea order and have been around for…

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Protecting your birds from Avian Influenza

On 29th November 2021 mandatory requirements came into force meaning that all bird keepers in the UK keep their birds under tight bio-security measures to help prevent the spread of avian influenza. Avian influenza controls are enforced by Local Authorities Animal Health Function (LAAHF), which is situated with the Trading Standards or Environmental Health Service…

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Managing rodents in Grain Stores and Farms

Rodents in Grain Stores and Farms Evolution of Pest Management Pest management is evolving, with an ever-growing emphasis on minimising chemical usage to help protect our environment. After the announcement by the Red Tractor assurance scheme (, rodenticide (rat poison) can no longer be used in grain stores where product is being stored. This has presented…

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