Wildflower Seeding Service

Wildflower Seeding Service

Wildflower Seeding Service

Do you have an some land that you would like to have turned into area of wildflowers? As part of our commitment to sustainability, Mission Pest Control can help with our wildflower seeding service by preparing the ground and planting a range of wildflower seed that will turn an area of land into a rich habitat that can support a range of wildlife. Here are some reasons why you should consider supporting your the environment in this way.

Wildflower Seeding Service in Swindon

Firstly, biodiversity. Wildflowers and wildflower-rich habitats support insects and other wildlife. Even the smallest wildflower meadow will provide homes and food for many of the creatures that enrich our lives. They supply specialist food plants for the caterpillars that will grow into butterflies and moths. Both of which are vital for crop pollination. Some types of butterfly and moth only ever lay their eggs on specific native plants. They make hiding places for frogs and toads. Frogs and toads are a gardener’s best friends as they eat slugs, bugs, flies and other pests. A wildflower meadow makes a suitable damp environment for amphibians to live and forage in. They also support small mammals like field mice, with food and hiding places.

The second is pollination. In the UK, we need a wide range of wildflowers to provide pollinators with local food sources across the seasons, including times when crops aren’t producing flowers. Many of our favourite fruits and vegetables rely on insect pollination. As an example, in the UK strawberries, raspberries, cherries and apples need to be pollinated by insects to get a good crop. Currently, the insects do this job for free. However, if the UK doesn’t have a large enough insect population we may need to think about developing artificial pollination methods, which would be very difficult. As many gardeners know, insects and other animals can also help in the fight against crop pests (animals and insects that damage crops and plants). This means that farmers may have to rely even more heavily on pesticides if these ‘good’ animals and insects can’t help. 

A carefully manicured lawn is beautiful in its own way. Short grass is comfortable to walk on, whether you are barefoot or in shoes. It also happens to be a nice place to lay down a blanket and have a summer picnic, all creepy crawlies aside. However, a traditional lawn comes with the downfall that it is virtually devoid of insect life. It also uses vast amounts of clean, drinkable quality water to keep your lawn green. If you are living and gardening with sustainability in mind, reducing this kind of water consumption should be one of your top priorities.

If you’d like to talk to us about our wildflower seeding service or want us to provide you with a no obligation quote, then give us call today.

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