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Does my business need pest control?

Pests can affect all types of businesses from food service/restaurants and hospitality to commercial office spaces. They can damage your buildings, stock and reputation. At Mission, we offer a range of solutions to remove and prevent pest activity at work.

Common pests found in commercial premises are Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Birds, Ants and Wasps; however, we manage all types of pests and have even removed scorpions from a banana delivery!

At Mission, we care about the environment we live in, our whole approach is to prevent pest activity rather than use chemicals to remove them. By working with our customers, we can not only minimise our chemical usage but also encourage predators to help with natural pest control.

What we can do to help

Professional pest control is all about preventing activity in the first place, all of our technicians are qualified to RSPH Level2, fully insured and as a company with ISO9001 and ISO14001 accreditation we deliver the highest quality service. As fully accredited members of the NPTA and BASIS Prompt registered, we carry out continuous training throughout the year. We have access to all the latest technology including remote monitor trapping, tracking dusts, rodenticides, and insecticides.
Commercial Pest Control COntracts

This is how we do it/ What to expect:

1. Survey

We will visit your site and carry out a full survey free of charge. This survey will highlight any current activity and show you where future activity may occur. We then create a bespoke solution based on the risks of pest activity and your needs. Your bespoke proposal will be built with you to make sure you have the right level of support for your business.

2. Service

You will be assigned a technician; it is key to a good pest control service that you have the same local person visiting each time. All our technicians are fully qualified, insured and are part of a continuous training program to ensure they have all the latest techniques and technology at their disposal.

3. Support

We know pests don’t work 9-5 so we operate a 24/7 365 days a year! Our current customers include major hospitals, prisons, restaurants, retail outlets and farms. We also have specialist teams including drain surveyors, scent detection dogs and specialist bird proofers so we can manage any pest, in any situation.

Saving money

The most expensive part of pest control is secondary damage. What is the cost of an EHO closure because pests have been seen in your kitchens; the reputational damage of posts on social media showing pest activity on your premises or rodents gnawing electrics and stopping you from being able to produce your products or operate your business?

An effective pest control service will prevent these secondary costs. Mission Pest Control is a local company that works in the community we live in. We don’t believe in a one solution fits all, but we do know we can save you money and deliver a great service.

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