What are COVID-19 Disinfection Services?

COVID-19 disinfection services refers to the specific measures taken – usually through chemical treatment, to remove or eliminate bacteria, viruses or other potentially harmful or transmittable microorganisms, such as COVID-19. These services are not only a reactive measure; they are also preventative by removing infectious contaminants, particularly on inanimate objects.

During the coronavirus pandemic, businesses have had to learn to adapt quickly so that they can open and continue operate safely. However, very few people have received the right training in how to address issues presented by the pandemic. To offer support while businesses prepare to open, Local Government and Public Health England have issued guidance that covers almost every conceivable situation. All guidance includes information on sanitising and disinfecting workplaces and frequent hand washing to improve hand hygiene of customers and staff. However, few bodies offer guidance on selecting and using the correct disinfecting chemicals and methods or what regulatory framework businesses should follow.

Sanitising Large and Hard to Access Areas

If you have had an outbreak of COVID-19 in your workplace or you just want regular disinfection services for piece of mind, you can protect employees and customers with our professional Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging disinfection and sanitising service.

Ultra-low volume (ULV) disinfection fogging involves using a machine to generate a thin mist cloud of extremely small droplets of a disinfectant liquid. This method of applying disinfectants and biocides can significantly reduce the number of pathogens both on surfaces and in the air. ULV fogging enables the treatment of large areas in a short space of time to help to quickly break the chain of infection. A ULV fogger uses large volumes of air at low pressure to convert a liquid into droplets that can then be dispersed into the atmosphere. These droplets settle underneath, on top of and on the sides of many objects and inaccessible areas that may be difficult or not possible to reach using conventional cleaning methods. It also reaches a wider range of surfaces than manual cleaning, including textiles.

The droplets produced are very small – so small, in fact, that they have to be measured in microns. Different droplet sizes are suitable for different applications and usually range from between 5 to 50 microns. Most foggers will let you adjust your droplet size. Smaller droplet sizes of less than 20 microns give what’s known as a “dry” fog – a mist so fine you might not even notice it’s there. This is better for covering very large areas. Sizes of 20 microns and above are better for disinfection, mould removal, intense pesticide treatments, and so on.

Why COVID-19 Disinfection Services?

The disinfectants we use have efficacy against enveloped viruses (Coronavirus is an enveloped virus). This proven efficacy means we offer full peace of mind in a short space of time. This type of specialist disinfection is suitable for homes and commercial premises including schools, office blocks, houses, restaurants, leisure centres, shops, cinemas, theatres, nurseries and even vehicles such as buses, coaches, delivery vans and cars.

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