Bedbug facts

  • Bedbugs are parasites from the Cimicid family.
  • They feed exclusively on blood but are not known to transmit any diseases. They only come out at night to feed.
    • Bedbug bites are typically bigger than flea or mosquito bites and can be very painful.
  • Adult bedbugs are reddish-brown in colour and grow up to 5mm long (looking like an apple seed). They cannot fly.
  • Bedbugs can live up to a year without feeding and hide themselves in ver hard-to-reach places.
  • The most obvious sign of an infestation is the appearance of small ‘blood spots’ on bedding.
  • You can pick up bedbugs almost anywhere in the world and transport them home in your luggage.

What you can do​ ​

  • Anyone can get bedbugs. Don’t panic! Keep your bedroom tidy to minimise the number of places they can conceal themselves.
  • Keep clothes and other clutter off the floor.
  • Change your bedding frequently to check for signs (blood spots).
  • Contact us straight away to carry out a specialist treatment and follow our technician’s advice on how to bag up and clean your clothes and bedding.

If you have a bedbug problem, we will…

  • Identify the infestation and if it is relatively straight forward, we will carry out a residual insecticide treatment. 2-3 applications will be required.
  • If your bedbug problem is proving trickier to resolve, we may recommend:
    • Bedbug scent detection (our dogs will sniff out the hardest to reach bedbug so that we can treat effectively.
    • Heat treatment (where insecticidal treatments have been unsuccessful due to chemical resistance); we will super-heat your room to kill all bedbugs without the use of chemicals.
  • After several days the bait should have been taken back to the nest (be patient!). Sometimes, depending on the size of the colony, we might need to top up the baits
  • Before treatment starts you will need to clear the room of clutter but be careful not to move any unsealed materials that might be infested from the room and spread them throughout your property. Our technicians will give you detailed advice about how to do this before they start.
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