Pest bird species facts

  • Some species of birds in the UK are classed as pests if they:
    • damage property
    • spread disease.
  • The main health risk associated with birds is contact with their guano, or droppings. Some of the pathogens that can be transmitted from guano to humans are:
    • Histoplasmosis – an airborne disease which causes respiratory difficulties, and can be fatal.
    • Ornithosis – a flu-like disease which can be fatal.
    • Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis – also called ‘Bird Fanciers Lung’, caused by the dust from birds and their associated debris.
    • Cryptococcosis – a flu-like disease which can be fatal.
    • Campylobacteriosis – a bacterial infection that causes diarrhoea and dysentery syndrome.
  • The main pest species in the UK are pigeons and gulls.
    • They roost together in large numbers.
    • They thrive in the urban environment.
  • Corvids (such as magpies, rooks and crows) can be considered a pest if they nest in hazardous locations such as above a chimney.

What you can do​ ​

  • Regularly check water sources
    • Water can become contaminated by dead birds and guano.
  • Keep away from guano and wash your hands immediately if you do accidentally touch any.

If you have a pest bird problem, we will…

  • Identify the species and extent of the infestation, which will determine our course of action.
    • Many bird species are protected, or require a special license to control.
  • Some of the bird control measures we offer are:
    • bird netting, wiring or spiking
    • falconry
    • egg and nest removal
    • population control.
  • We offer a comprehensive, specialist guano removal and cleaning service.
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