This photo shows mouse gnawing damage to pipe insulation of a house we were called to in Swindon. In the past, we have seen loft spaces where so much insulation had been stripped away that during winter the pipes froze! ????❄️????

Rats and mice belong to the order of mammals called rodents and the word rodent is derived from the Latin word rodere, which means to gnaw. This ability to gnaw is due to the well developed incisor teeth of all rodents and they have 3 characteristics that enable them to cause significant damage.

???? The incisor teeth of rats and mice grow continuously throughout their lifetime.
???? They are self sharpening due to the teeth having a softer inner dentine and a harder outer enamel. The gnawing action causes the teeth to form an effective chisel-edge.
???? They are curved which enables them to apply considerable pressure to their bites. This enables them to chew some quite hard materials such as soft metals.

If you’ve seen signs of mouse or rat activity in or around your property or business, then give Mission Pest Control Swindon a call and we’ll come and take a look for you.

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