Protecting your birds from Avian Influenza

Protecting your birds from Avian Influenza

Protecting your birds from Avian Influenza

On 29th November 2021 mandatory requirements came into force meaning that all bird keepers in the UK keep their birds under tight bio-security measures to help prevent the spread of avian influenza. Avian influenza controls are enforced by Local Authorities Animal Health Function (LAAHF), which is situated with the Trading Standards or Environmental Health Service of a local authority. As pest controllers, we help with protecting your chickens and birds from catching and spreading this disease (H5N1 Avian Influenza) through rodent control and rodent/bird proofing solutions.

Domestic chickens have had to be kept indoors since Nov 2021

With this H5N1 Avian Influenza outbreak continuing, the risk level for poultry has been increased to medium where good biosecurity is applied, this increases to high with substantial biosecurity breaches and poor biosecurity. When stringent biosecurity is in place the risk is lower for poultry sites.

Highlighting these regulations today, was the announcement that eggs can no longer be described as free range (because the chickens haven’t been allowed out of their barns for 16 weeks).

This graphic from the NFU, shows ways to protect your chickens and other birds. By following this guidance, you minimise the chances of your birds catching this notifiable disease.

What we can do to help protect your chickens and birds from Avian Influenza:

Both DEFRA and NFU have highlighted that Rodent control is essential. We provide a range of bio-secure solutions to remove rodents around domestic and commercial birds. Including remote training and advice to ensure pest control can continue even when a site is inaccessible.

For domestic birds we have several proofing solutions to provide a physical barrier between wild birds and your birds.

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