Pest control isn’t just about extermination. It’s also about proofing and exclusion, which is about denying a pest access to an environment.

This customer had field mice getting in and out through these old air bricks and needed our help to stop them. Air bricks like these should not be sealed as they ensure buildings are suitably ventilated, so we cover them over in 0.5mm steel mesh that mice can’t get or chew through. Around some of these bricks the mortar joins were also damaged so we’ve filled them in with concrete to complete the job!

As we’re dealing with field mice, they’ve been removed with a non-toxic trapping programme and the proofing was completed at the end to ensure we didn’t trap any mice inside.

If you’ve got problems with mice and you’re not sure how they are getting into your home, give Mission Pest Control a call and we’ll come and take a look for you.

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