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Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Services

Pest Control in Swindon

The Full Range of Pest Control Services

Mission Pest Control Swindon is a professional pest control, prevention and eradication service that covers Swindon and all of its surrounding areas. We’re qualified to treat a range of pests that include crawling insects, flies and rodents. As well as delivering professional pest control treatments, we also provide expert advice for both homes and businesses. Our focus is on quality and professionalism.

We understand that finding pests in your home unexpectedly can be very distressing. To help you through this we offer a sympathetic approach to your pest problems. We understand that discretion is important, which is why we arrive in unmarked vehicles. This is to ensure confidentiality, so you can rest assured that your pest problem will not be the talk of the street! 

If you have a pest issue but you are unsure which type service you require, then please give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer questions and talk you through a recommended course of action. As well as treating your problem, we’ll also give you professional advice so that you can avoid pest problems in the future.

Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Services

Pests That We Treat

Rat Control Services in Swindon

Worried About Wasps?

While wasps are helpful in controlling lots of other insects that may bug us, we understand that they do cause considerable distress if they have made a nest near to or in your property. At Mission Pest Control we offer safe and convenient solutions to get rid of your wasp problem quickly.

Please note that at Mission Pest Control Swindon we have a strict policy not to treat bees. If you have concerns or questions about bees then we would recommend contacting the British Beekeepers Association or clicking here to read our post with useful information and guidance. 

If you’re not sure if you’ve got bees or wasps then this article might be able to help you: differences between bees & wasps.

Professional Pest Control

When you choose Mission Pest Control, you can be sure that you are in safe hands. All of our technicians are professionally trained and qualified to control every kind of pest or infestation. As a responsible pest control Company, we always aim to minimise the use of chemicals. Instead, we focus first on using non-chemical methods to control pest infestations. When we must use chemicals, careful selection of the least risk options are selected and applied.

Trained Technicians

All of our Pest Control technicians are trained to RSPH Level 2 Award in Pest Management with ongoing personal development and continual training courses in their areas of expertise. Mission Pest Control is also NPTA accredited, which is only achieved by having fully trained technicians, being insured, abiding by the NPTA’s professional code of practice and having regular inspections to assess training records, safety checks and to go out on jobs with technicians to ensure we are doing things properly. It also gives customers another option if they are unsatisfied with the service for any reason.

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What Happens When You Call

When you call we will ask you a few simple questions that will allow us to help you as quickly as possible. We’ll need to know what you have experienced or seen and where have you seen it. This will help us begin to understand where your problem is occurring.

Any information you provide will be confidential and help us develop a solution and treatment plan for your particular pest problem. We’ll get a trained technician to attend, start your treatment and get you pest free as soon as possible.

Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Services

Why Do You Need Pest Control?

Pests in your home can carry a lot of risks

As well as contaminating your kitchen and utensils while eating your food they can damage your property. No matter how clean your home or business, poor building designs and disrepair can leave you vulnerable to a pest infestation.

Contamination & Disease

Pests in your home can carry a lot of risks. As well as spreading diseases, rodents are habitual gnawers. This means that they can cause a great deal of damage to insulation, pipes, electric cables, clothing and furniture. They also contaminate your kitchen and utensils while eating your food.

Even without food being inside, a mouse will gnaw on plastic containers or wooden items, and shred nesting materials. That mouse will travel around your home seeking nesting materials, food and water. It will leave behind urine trails and faecal droppings letting other mice know that this is a great place to live. No matter how clean your home or business, poor building designs and disrepair can leave you vulnerable to a pest infestation. This is why we will act fast on your pest issues to save you from any serious damage or harm.

Safeguard Your Property

Rodents can and have been known to cause severe fires by gnawing away the insulation around electrical cables, floods by puncturing pipes and even death by chewing through gas pipes. The insurance sector has estimated that rodent damage to wiring is responsible for 25% of all electrical fires in buildings.

Pest Control & the Law

To meet your requirements under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Food Safety Act 1990 and the Food Hygiene (England) Regulations 2006, you need to protect your business from pests. Your reputation and business may never recover from a pest infestation as prosecutions and fines regularly cause media attention. The loss of consumer confidence could ultimately force you to close.

Commercial Pest Control Contracts

With a pest control contract, businesses also benefit from regular inspections, enabling specialists to identify and limit pest activity before a serious infestation takes hold. Many types of pest – including rats, mice, ants and bed bugs – can establish large infestations in a frighteningly short space of time. As such, the quicker the business acts the better – only with regular inspections from qualified and experienced professionals is this possible. Click here to arrange to free site visit and find out more about how we can help you with a pest control contract. 

COVID-19 Disinfection Services

The disinfectants we use have efficacy against enveloped viruses (Coronavirus is an enveloped virus). This proven efficacy means we offer full peace of mind in a short space of time. This type of specialist disinfection is suitable for homes and commercial premises including schools, office blocks, houses, restaurants, leisure centres, shops, cinemas, theatres, nurseries and even vehicles such as buses, coaches, delivery vans and cars.

Click here to find out more or contact us today for a quotation or to arrange disinfection treatment.

Commercial & Domestic Pest Control Services

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