Rat season is upon us, so much so that I’ve already had to pop to the shop and stock up on @nutella, and that is when I saw this…

For those that always ask me; “what do you put in those traps?”, I explain that although there are a variety of professional attractants available, nothing gets rats into traps like @nutella, or a big lump of @snickersuk (nut allergies permitting!). Now I have the best of both worlds; the chocolate, caramel and nuts of a @snickersuk, combined with the spreadability which has always made @nutella the perfect addition to any pest controllers arsenal.

Anyway, please feel free to DM for sponsorship enquires @nutella@snickersuk. ????????????

If you think you’ve got a rat problem, give @mission.pest.control.swindon a call and we’ll come and take a look for you.

????01793 379333
???? hello@missionpestcontrol.co.uk
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